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Writing Submissions to YGA Magazine
Submit manuscripts, letters, or proposals to Please either write your text in the body of an e-mail, or send it as a Microsoft Word attachments with the suffix ".doc". Because we get a lot of mail, we promise to read everything but may not always be able to respond. Also, we can hold submissions for a long time before possibly deciding to use your piece in an edition of YGA Magazine. If you're curious, we welcome reminder e-mails.

We're looking for writing on: popular culture, life/love experience, goofy fun, theory or politics, profiles, role models, news, features, essays. We're not looking for advice submissions at this time. First-time writers may try writing a short music or film review to get your foot in the door.

YGA Magazine features photography of teen/young adult life, fashion, style, and culture. YGA Magazine accepts photography submissions from professional as well as amateur photographers. We may also be interested in freelance photographers from regional areas around the U.S., Canada, and even Europe. Please send images or links to images to or by mail to:
YGA Magazine
5555 Young Street
Halifax, NS B3K 1Z7
(include a self-addressed, stamped envelope if you would like your materials sent back to you.)

YGA Magazine accepts modeling submissions from professional and amateur models. YGA is a magazine for everyone; we encourage people of all shapes and sizes to submit. Modeling opportunities will depend on regional photographer availability. Please send photos to

Role Models / Feature Stories
YGA is the place to tell the entire world about what you're doing, and to get your name in public. We want to celebrate the achievements of young, "not-necessarily-straight" individuals throughout the country! Have you been a leader in your community? Do you know a person we shoud know? Send us your suggestion to

Get the Word Out
If you're a reader and you enjoy YGA Magazine, it's so critical to tell people about it and tell US what you'd like us to change, make better, do again, do less of, do more of, ANYTHING. We need your feedback to make the magazine great.

Send us feedback at The goal of YGA Magazine is to celebrate young ("non-straight") life, give you tools that you need to be strong, powerful, awesome, and happy, give you great photos to look at, help you survive in the world, and give an alternative to all those straight-focused teen magazines and TV shows out there. YGA's been making media (TV, website, books) for about five years now: our goal is to create stuff that you enjoy. So if there's something you want... something you're really aching for, that nobody else provides... let us know. Don't keep it silent :)

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